Cheonan International Short Film Festival was the first to create & start the Cheonan Film Association. In a ridiculous situation, a reckless challenge was the first button.
No one challenged it, so I believed it was worth trying. Now that it's the third time this year, I'm not sure, but I think I've grown a lot through that choice, or if I don't have a start, I don't think I've got any results now.
The Cheonan Film Association has already passed three years. The Cheonan Film Association will continue to take a step forward with the small attention, support, and encouragement you give us. Lastly, congratulations and welcome to all the directors who made it to the finals.
In the future, our executive branch will do our best to improve the poor film production reality and the treatment of directors, staff, and actors. Thank you

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2018~ 한국영화인연합회 천안지부 설립

2018~ 천안국제초단편영화제 개최

2019~ 한국영화기획프로듀서협회 이사

2020   대한민국예술대전 영화부문

           충남예선  심사위원

2020   단편영화 특별한 하루 감독, 제작

2020   충남예총 예술문화상 대상 수상

2021   Kt Olleh ch838 Stn방송 천안국장

2021   Cosmo Film Festival Official Selection

2021   Standalone Film Festival

           Official Selection

2021   Istanbul Film Awards Best Cult Film                   Winner

2021   Best Istanbul Film Festival Best

           Drama Film Winner

2021   Eastern Europe Film Fest Best

           short Film Winner